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29, Stara Planina Str.
phone +359 550/2 34 57

Dear Guests,

Before you make your reservation, we would like to provide you with some additional information referring to certain questions you may have.
More Hotel was built in 1995 and since then has been categorized and licensed several times to comply with the applicable Bulgarian legislation. The most recent categorization has been awarded by Sozopol Municipality and it is valid for an indefinite period of time. The hotel is registered as a 3*** Family Hotel with the brand name MORE under identity number 6127 of 2021.

MORE hotel is located within the town limits of Sozopol.
You need only 5-10 minutes (about 300 meters) to reach to the Central Beach and the walking distance to Harmani Beach is 10-15 minutes (about 500 meters).

The Old Town is within 5-10 minutes walking distance (about 400 meters) depending on the route you choose. There are no noisy disco clubs or restaurants close to the hotel. The shop that is closest to the hotel is only 40 m away, the nearest restaurant – 100 m, chemist’s – 200 m. You can have a detailed view of the hotel location by clicking on the MAP button on the menu.Or in as you write our adres

Peace and tranquility are important for us and our guests so we will do our best to assure that you feel relaxed and safe during the whole duration of your stay with us. The hotel has a limited-access regime where only guests of the hotel may enter thus aiming to secure the safety and peace of our clients.

The hotel's reception is open from 8AM to 9:00PM, but you should not forget that we can accommodate you at any time – in case you arrive later or you have to check out earlier - but in either case you just have to inform us. If you need any assistance at night, we will support. Our staff at the reception desk can answer you any question that you may have.

Cleanness is among our main priorities. You will find an immaculately clean hotel /swimming-pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, community areas/ and rooms. All rooms and community areas are cleaned every day. For your convenience in the hotel there is also a zone with an ironing board and an iron.

During the high season you may book a room only by paying a booking deposit which is binding for us and makes us responsible for your booking so you may have the full guarantee that you will receive exactly the room you have wanted/booked.

    How to make a reservation:

  1. First you have to choose a room. You can do this by selecting from the MENU the ,,PRICES and RESERVATIONS,, submenu and after that by clicking on each room number. There are at least two images for each room and such images have not been electronically processed (some photos were taken with wide angle lens) so you may have the most realistic and precise look at the room. If you have any question regarding your choice of a room or you need any advice, just contact us and we will reply as soon and as precise as possible.
    Each room number starts with a digit showing the number of the floor on which it is found. The hotel rooms are disposed on four floors and are not connected with a lift.
    If you worry about your luggage while you are checking in and out we will take care of it /we will deliver it to your room and take it back/. All rooms are furnished with specially-designed boutique furniture made of solid wood and all mattresses are orthopedic.

  2. Once you choose a room, please, contact us (via email, landline, mobile phone). We will answer all questions you have asked as soon as possible and with maximum precision.

  3. After we confirm that the room is vacant and we have reserved it for you, you may send the required booking deposit. Usually we expect to receive this deposit within the coming one-three business days. You may calculate the full amount of your reservation, booking deposit plus the remaining balance to be paid at the hotel, by using the menu and entering ,,PRICES and RESEVRATIONS,, , submenu and then clicking on ,,HERE,, and entering the relevant data required for the reservation.
    How to send the deposit:
    Bank transfer,Revolut, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal.
    If you pay the deposit via Western Union or MoneyGram then you have to send us the transaction number (you will have it from the bank). We receive the money immediately.
    If you pay the deposit via wire transfer we will receive it within a period of several minutes to a couple of days depending on the place from which you send it.
    We will always notify you immediately after we receive the deposit regardless of the method of payment you have opted to apply.
    You will also receive a fiscal receipt at your arrival/after full pay/ in the hotel regardless of the method of payment you have opted to apply.

How to get to the hotel

If you arrive by bus:
There are two bus stops in Sozopol. The first one is in the Old Town within 600 meters away from the hotel. It is only for the buses arriving from Burgas. The second one is in the downtown area of the New Town. It stands only 200 meters from our hotel*. All other buses (from Sofia, Plovdiv and other cities) arrive here. In either case when you arrive you may ask where the Police is. After you reach it, go 200 m up the road.
*Dear guests, at this date 17.06.2016 the bus stop in the center of new town is moved to the stadium, this is at 200m down. But some busses, and especialy in the evening, continue to stop at the old bus stop. If you want more detailed information, please write us before departure, so we can inform you.

If you arrive by train to Burgas then you have to get on the bus to Sozopol. The bus station is within immediate proximity of the Railway Station. The bus ticket costs 5 BGN (2.55 EUR). The distance from Burgas Bus Station to Sozopol Bus Station is 35 km. This makes about 40 minutes driving distance by bus. Tickets are sold in the bus only.

If you arrive by plane the Burgas Air Port is 48 km from Sozopol. You may choose among several options to reach to the hotel.

  1. We can meet you at the airport. The price is 51 euro /100 BGN/ to 4 persons.

  2. You may use a taxi. The price you may expect is between 45to 65 euro depending on the make of the car and how successful your deal with the driver is.

  3. You may use rent-a-car service. There are several companies offering it. You may find their offices on the Arrival terminal of the airport.

  4. By bus: The bus stop is 100 m from the terminal. You have to catch bus number 15 to Burgas. You will be at the last stop in almost 25 minutes.
    This is Bus Station SOUTH. There are shuttle buses from 05.30AM to 11.00PM at intervals of 25 minutes. Tickets are bought in the bus at the price of 1 BGN (0.5 Euro).
    The bus stop for Sozopol is only 20 meters from the last stop of bus number 15. Tickets are bought in the bus. Their price is 5.50 BGN (3 Euro). The distance is 35 km and will take you 40 minutes by bus. Buses are running from 06.00AM to 8.00PM in the winter and from 06.00AM to 9.00PM in the summer at intervals of 30 minutes.

If you arrive by car: Don't miss the junction to Sozopol which is about 26 km after the exit from Burgas immediately after PETROL gas station. Then you drive on for three kilometers. You enter Sozopol from a slight slope. The road to the Old Town is on your left. You go straight on. After 150 m you will reach the center of the New Town /Cherno More Square/. Turn right at its end and climb up for 200 meters. No matter where you may find yourself in Sozopol just ask where the Police is and go for 200 m up this road.

We speak English.

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